Hampi village

February 11, 2023

Hampi village

"As I explored the village of Hampi, I kept coming across interesting remains of architecture. Hampi is a small village in India where the inhabitants live off tourism. It has many restaurants, cafes, hotels and hostels. Every day my friend and I drove around the area and explored the remains of the temple complexes and the local hills. What did I notice? The fact that the remains of large palaces or houses in the form of rocks with a small house and temple complexes clearly had a spread in time. The temple complexes are better preserved and it was clear that they were built by people of normal height, like you and me and they within the village. As for the remains of larger structures, they were clearly older and could be seen already outside the village. They were pieces of walls, knocked down by some great force, scattered over long distances. Judging by the individual parts, the height of the structures was approximately the size of a 5-storey building. In such houses or even palaces lived people 3-5 meters high. Thus, the village of Hampi is an amalgam of two civilizations, the civilization of the Hindus, who are our height, adherents of religion and an older civilization of people 3-5 meters tall, living in large houses and they were not adherents of any religion. Because in this case, statues or other objects of religious worship more than 10 meters high were found in the village of Hampi. But they are not there.

These investigations in Hampi village confirm my theory of the origin of the giants and their disappearance."


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