Patagonia small research

March 04, 2024
This is perhaps the shortest research that reveals the etymology of the name Patagonia...
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Composition of atmosphere BEFORE disaster

December 02, 2023
Anyone can see bubbles in amber by picking up amber and looking closely. But few people know that if you take the contents of a bubble for analysis, you can find out the composition of the atmosphere ...
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Why are the Japanese short?

June 23, 2023
When I first thought about it, I also thought about pygmies. Short people. Why are they low? Obviously, the Chinese and the Japanese are the same race. But the Chinese are tall and the Japanese are no...
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Chronology of magic and explanation

June 10, 2023
This material will seem strange to scientists and modern materialists. How is magic related to science? And many will say that they do not believe in magic. I can only say one thing to such people - m...
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Neuro Chronology Network

April 22, 2023
Where is the evidence for an ice age? Where is the real evidence of the Holocaust in figures and documents? What really happened on 9/11? Why should we believe the subjective opinion of some historian...
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What happend with main land?

February 22, 2023
Even the ancient Greeks claimed that there used to be one land, one continent. They called him Pangea [Πανγαῖα] or all-earth. Modern scientists laugh at this assumption. It speaks volumes about their...
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Real reasons to rethink Darwin Theory

February 15, 2023
Is Darwin's theory true or false, which was accepted without a single proof? Everyone knows that this world is built on lies. But this article is not about debunking scientists....
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