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July 15, 2023
Once, while relaxing with my family in Bali, I saw a swastika symbol in the courtyard of a guesthouse. Taking a picture of it, I thought. After all, Bali is an island, right? Of course, with the development of Buddhism, Buddhists could bring this symbol to the island. As in Nepal. But how to explain the swastika in Baalbek? How to explain the swastika in pre-Columbian America? In Europe? We have the swastika symbol in different parts of the planet, which completely excludes its religious context. That is, the swastika was before Buddhism, and since it is found on the continents separated by the ocean, it means that it was before the very catastrophe that I describe in my book, at a time when there was a single continent. This is indisputable evidence, and those scientists who see religious meaning in the swastika are simply not scientists, since they cannot master a simple logical chain. Religions often copy existing information to make their religious nonsense look authentic. But back to other hypotheses.
There is a hypothesis about 4 seasons. This is also an incorrect hypothesis, since there are no four seasons in some places on the planet, Bali or Thailand, for example. It's all summer there and the locals divide the year into the rainy season and "summer". Therefore, the four seasons are completely unsuitable as a hypothesis.
There is a hypothesis of "a sign of well-being". That the sign of the swastika brings good luck and prosperity. But how did it happen that this sign ended up in different parts of the planet? Why, then, did the quatrefoil, as a sign of good luck, not take root among the Indians or the natives in Indonesia? Because it is such a wrong path and wrong hypothesis. The swastika has never been a sign of well-being; only backward people who believe in superstition could think of it.
It was quite obvious to me that the swastika sign is something completely functional and simple. But what is it?
If you think logically, then firstly, this symbol was before the flood, before the catastrophe. Secondly, it was used by almost all people in all parts of the planet. If this symbol was an undivided and absolutely definite sign for everyone, then it should be said that it was passed on to people. Thus, we come to the hypothesis that the swastika symbol was transferred to people by those who created people and had a long contact, during which the transfer of knowledge was carried out. And I began to think further. What functionality could the creators convey to us, people? To be honest, I went through dozens of different options from a sundial to a game like backgammon. Even considered a bunch of constellations and considered the Northern Cross, the constellation Cygnus, as the place where the creators flew from. Then he dismissed all options, because the game would have remained just a game after dozens of generations, the sundial would not have been square, and the constellation Cygnus does not have characteristic four corners. These mental searches were in vain.
And suddenly the answer came when three patterns formed in my head.
1. Swatika is depicted in a circle.
2. This is a rotating symbol.
3. The swastika has eight key points at the corners of the swastika around the center point.
This is a map of our solar system! And on it in the center is the Sun, and eight points in the corners of the swastika are 8 planets. The circle around the swastika is the boundary of the solar system. The angles show the rotation of the planets around the Sun, while indicating the number of main objects [there are swastikas with an additional 3-4 points, which increases the range of objects]. It is quite obvious that the map of the Solar System was handed over to people by the creators and they kept it in one form or another, reworking it as always in a low-level interpretation.
In the future, I will deal more with all the additional questions regarding the swastika, having received more information. At this stage, I ask you to refer to my blog when distributing, since my investigation is original and I personally did not find such ideas and hypotheses.


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