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April 22, 2023

How do we analyze historical events? 
Don't you think that biased historians are deceiving you?

Where is the evidence for an ice age? Where is the real evidence of the Holocaust in figures and documents? What really happened on 9/11? Why should we believe the subjective opinion of some historians? My experience of communicating with many historians only showed their bias and complete amateurism, their inability to operate with facts and draw correct conclusions. And these people often bring lies to society, acting in favor of a certain group of people. 

Nowadays, everything should be transparent and evidence of historical events in the form of photographs of significant objects should be instantly downloaded to our devices only when we show interest. And neural networks must check the reliability of these very events by collecting data and analyzing them. Neural networks, based on the most truthful sources, will always give an honest answer to any event. And such an algorithm was created on the site

The project is based on participants who collect historical data, upload it and thus form an archive. It is worth noting that each uploaded object is checked by the community and everyone votes for its authenticity or against it. With 75% of the votes "for" object is considered valid. After data collection, a neural network is put into operation, which analyzes the event for reliability, excluding impossible options by deduction.

And this is a new level of chronology analysis, it will allow humanity to reach a higher level of its identity, reject lies, accept the truth and move on to a new time.

Welcome to the project to researchers and history buffs!



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