Phaeton - new investigations and discoveries

August 28, 2023
Everyone knows the myth about Phaeton, the Son of Helios, who asked his father to fulfill his request to drive his chariot. As a result, he failed and Phaethon died. In fact, this is not just a myth, ...
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Swastika - we got the answers

July 15, 2023
There is a hypothesis of "a sign of well-being". That the sign of the swastika brings good luck and prosperity. But how did it happen that this sign ended up in different parts of the planet? Why, the...
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Centaurs, mermaids, cynocephals - really existed?

February 22, 2023
Centaurs, mermaids, cynocephals - really existed?...
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Ramayana, Mount Ravana, Rakshasas and intelligent monkeys

February 21, 2023
Ramayana, Mount Ravana, Rakshasas and intelligent monkeys...
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Hampi village

February 11, 2023
These investigations in Hampi village confirm my theory of the origin of the giants and their disappearance....
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Giants: Truth Revealed

January 25, 2023
I continue to blog in support of my book and this time it will be about giants. Who are they, where came from and where they gone?...
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