Ramayana, Mount Ravana, Rakshasas and intelligent monkeys

February 21, 2023

Ramayana, Mount Ravana, Rakshasas and intelligent monkeys.

Surely everyone has read the Ramayana and how the Rakshas king Ravana stole Rama's wife, and he and his brother Lakshman and the monkey king Hanuman went to Lanka to return the stolen one and take revenge on Ravana. To do this, the subjects of Hanuman built a bridge between India and Sri Lanka and moved to the island.

I personally saw the bridge when I was in Rameshwaran. Now it is called Adam's bridge. Strange name, it would be better if they called it Ram's bridge or Hanuman's bridge. But I have little interest in how modern people call objects of the past. I'm more interested in how things really were.

To begin with, I came to the conclusion that the events of the Ramayana took place after the catastrophe or the Flood, because Sri Lanka itself was formed, like an island, as a result of this very catastrophe. Because if the events took place before the flood, then the bridge would obviously not have been preserved and it would have been submerged under water.

Thus, we can already find out the dating of the events taking place in the Ramayana. And if the catastrophe occurred, according to my research, 5155 years ago, and the giant Kumbakarna is present in the Ramayana, that is, the giants still lived, but were already giants for the "normal growth of rakshasas", then the events took place approximately 200-500 years after the catastrophe, when, due to a change in the density of the atmosphere, all creatures began to grow smaller and live less. But the giants still lived and lived out their lives. OK with the date. In 2019, I traveled far and wide in Sri Lanka in search of Mount Ravana. To be honest, from the very beginning I wanted to come to Sigiriya, as this place is closest to India and the center of the island. But still he explored the east of the island, where there are most mountains. Apart from the mountains, I did not find anything there, and having traveled around the island around the perimeter, I arrived in Sigiriya.

It's funny that the locals themselves call the Lion Rock among themselves the mountain of Ravana. But, apparently, they are embarrassed to broadcast this to the world, since, it turns out, they are descendants of rakshas demons and therefore try to hide the information. Everything became clear to me when I arrived at this mountain. To begin with, all the mountains on this planet are of two kinds. Namely, these are folds after the displacement of lithospheric plates or ... petrified trees. Of course, there are still volcanic craters, but that's a completely different story. So, judging by the Sigiriya valley, we can safely say that there was no displacement of lithospheric plates and there are definitely no volcanoes nearby. Therefore, I boldly declare Mount Ravana to be the stump of a huge petrified tree. Like the Devil's Rock in the USA. You will be surprised, but there even the shapes are similar, close to oval. Obviously, after the catastrophe, tall trees were broken, their trunks floated and rotted, forming soil, but the stumps were covered with silt and this caused them to quickly petrify. When the water receded, "mountains" and soil remained, on which smaller vegetation began to grow, modern trees. Smaller, because the density of the atmosphere has changed and nitrogen, the catalyst for tree growth, has become significantly less. And this stump of the Rakshasa tree was turned into the mountain of Ravana, into his palace. Look at the paws in my photo and then look at the paws of the lion. I assure you, these are different paws. The paws in the photograph cannot belong to a lion. They belong to another being. And more. There have never been lions in Sri Lanka.


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