Real reasons to rethink Darwin Theory

February 15, 2023

Everyone knows about Darwin's theory, but no one has been able to test it. It doesn't have any proof. Not a single ape in the last thousand years has become a man. But I do not refute Darwin's theory. Moreover, I think it is logical. It simply has not been finalized due to the underdevelopment of science. We have just reached the microcosm and string theory and still cannot explain the same aurora and the nature of electricity. Science denies the soul, but recognizes psychology. Isn't it ironic? The idols of science, the Jews Einstein and Isaac Newton, have been put on a pedestal, but it is already known that they are thieves in science. Newton brazenly stole the binomial, telescope and gravity from Iranian scientists, and Einstein, a man without a higher education, stole the theory of relativity and the red border effect from his Serbian wife, who had exactly a higher education in physics.

Everyone knows that this world is built on lies. But this article is not about debunking scientists. And that we are looking for evidence that people on this planet were created artificially, and not as a result of evolution.

Below is a table with the differences between the races.

Place of origin
Eye Shape
Skin color
Brain weight, gr.
Furrows of the brain
Skull wall thickness
Rejection Monitor ? Emotional or mental vulnerability is implied
Sadness and longing
There are necks with 8 vertebrae
Additional muscle groups present
Hair Color
 Dark blonde, blonde, brown
Eye color
Grey, blue, green
Brown, black
Brown, black

Surely you have heard enough about the common origin of all races. Some race is supposed to be original, right? Primary. We will consider different options and start with blacks. Suppose the first people were Negroes. How long did it take them for their eyes to become narrow, they themselves became short, thin and the thickness of the walls of their skull became narrower? A thousand years? Five thousand years? The first real signs of writing appeared no more than 5000 years ago. This is about 50 generations. Any scientist will tell you that this is too short a time for such serious changes.
The human skeleton is the most important part. The evolution of a species must involve natural change. The thickest wall of the skull on the planet is among the blacks and Indians of America. Tell me what the Indians and Negroes had to do with the skulls of 5000 years to make their skulls thicker? I'm sure no one can give you a clear answer. My answer is it's impossible. The differences are too obvious.

Scientists have written so much nonsense that they themselves are confused. For example, they write that man originated from Africa. But then how did he end up in America? I can assume that from Africa people could move to Asia and Europe. But how did early man cross the ocean? The answer is no way. This is impossible. There is only one answer - people were already there, but man did not originate from Africa. As you can see, when you think logically, everything becomes clear.

As I wrote, Darwin's theory works, but it works in clean conditions, when no one has touched the planet for hundreds of thousands of years. And then indeed, various "creatures" appear, snakes, dinosaurs, fish and monkeys. And everyone has a mind and it is not known which species will dominate and which form of life will become .... reasonable. But on this planet, evolution was interfered with. All races of people were created artificially. Too serious race differences prove it. Given the presence of 8 vertebrae in the white race, it can be assumed that this is a sign of the humanoid race, that is, the white race is closest to the race of our creators. This is also evidenced by the white color of the skin and greater intelligence. In this article, no one wants to belittle anyone, because blacks are more athletic, and Asians are more prone to communes and social anthills. So, every race has own perks and this is good, actually.

But what about the presence of black hair among Europeans, you ask. The answer is half-breeds. As proof, show me at least one Swede with black hair. Only from the 80s, before a wave of migrants came to Europe and Jews began to promote interracial sex. The pure European race does not have black hair, black or brown eyes.

How many races the aliens created is unknown. But there were many experiments. Now there is such a technology as CRISPR, with which you can create genetically modified people.

Then why can't we assume that humanoids arrived to our planet, as we are now flying to Mars, and did not create us with the help of GM technologies and, in addition, centaurs, sphinxes, mermaids, cenocephalians and other GM creatures?


14:53 February 25, 2023
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Interesting theory

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09:27 February 26, 2023
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And it is also known that blacks have additional muscle groups that whites and Asians do not have.

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