Moon theory of Sergey Ziegler

January 20, 2023

Lunar Theory of Sergei Ziegler is based on the analysis of the Sumerian planisphere, which is currently in the British Museum in London.

The main concept of the theory is that the planet Phaethon, which was located between Jupiter and Mars, was destroyed after accelerating the movement until one core remained. This core accelerated, the diameter of the orbit around the Sun decreased, until the future Moon entered the orbit of our planet in 3123 BC. at an angle of 6 degrees, tearing the only continent into smaller pieces and shifting the planet's axis by about 87 degrees.

This theory is supported by the analysis of the Sumerian planisphere, which shows the approaching Moon at an angle of 6 degrees, 3123 BC.

Additional confirmations:

  • The myth of the Indians about two Suns. At that moment, Moon was still a burning core, reminiscent of Sun. Funnels and craters of Moon confirm that it was a burning core. And when Sun set, the burning Moon appeared and thus there was no night, which is also confirmed by the myths of Indians. Myth of Phaethon also confirms approach of a burning celestial body to Earth and subsequent catastrophe.
  • Myths of the Australian aborigines confirm theory by indicating that Sun first set from north to south, and then began to set from east to west, which indicates an axis shift of 87 degrees. Mayan myths say that there was no moon before the catastrophe.

Lunar Theory was proposed by scientist Sergei Ziegler in August 2022 to scientific community.  


16:04 February 25, 2023
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Interesting theory

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Thanks for the kind words

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