Chronology of magic and explanation

June 10, 2023
This material will seem strange to scientists and modern materialists. How is magic related to science? And many will say that they do not believe in magic. I can only say one thing to such people - magic is metaphysics and the ability to control the universe for beings of a higher order. And it's highly scientific. We live in an era of information, discovery and clarification. Google's artificial intelligence is already telling us about the soul, for example, although scientists can't detect it yet. Scientists can't explain magic. Can't explain Voodoo or corruption. Nor can they explain various cases of healing, like the case of the writer who wrote A Clockwork Orange, for example, had cancer. And then he accidentally disappeared. Scientists are extremely skeptical people and cannot explain anything. Even electricity cannot be explained. Everyone knows that these are positively charged charges. But what is their nature? Why are they like this? Or magnets and a magnetic field. Why are magnets attracted? What is the real nature of magnetism? I have two higher educations and no one really could explain to me how it all actually works. So I have a low opinion of scientists and those who blindly believe them. I trust my common sense and ability to draw conclusions based on logic and deduction.
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Ozzy 07:29 September 10, 2023
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Magic is my native element. The fact that it is energy-based is a fact.

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