Exploring Antarctica - what will we find there?

December 28, 2023

According to my research, Antarctica was part of a single continent before the disaster, which I describe in my book "C.O.N.N.E.C.T.I.N.G  P.O.I.N.T.S". And during the rupture of the continent, a small part, Antarctica, was turned more than 60 degrees and carried to the current South Pole, where it began to freeze sharply.

Antarctica is a "frozen disk of information" about the chronology of our planet. All skeletons in ordinary soil (not fossils) rot and disappear in a fairly short time. But the cold keeps even mammoth meat ready-to-wear, that is, ready for consumption. Northern hunters of Russia back in the 19th century found mammoths and ate their meat, and made boots from the skins. According to my data, these mammoths lay in the ice for more than 5,000 years and are perfectly preserved. In other words, in Antarctica it will be possible to find ALL the creatures that were taken by surprise and frozen in a short time. And most importantly, there will be a lot of bodies. There are thousands, hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of them, evidence of a “zoo”, a global experiment to create new subspecies on our planet. And most importantly, in excellent condition. Truly, low temperatures have turned Antarctica at the South Pole into a “refrigerator of miracles.”

By the way, about the real stories about fireballs in Antarctica (the Russian group was found burnt, and along with the car, according to the witness, a fireball arrived and burned everything, the story was classified as secret in the archives). Perhaps someone has been exploring the sub-ice surfaces of the continent for a long time and, perhaps, these are not aliens, but private companies that have invested in “plasma technologies”. It’s logical, why drill through ice with a drill (as they did in the work “The Ridges of Madness” by H. P. Lovecraft, when you can melt the same ice? This immediately begs the question about the melting of ice and the well-known statistics about the rise in water levels over the past decades, isn't it? How many hectares have they already melted there and what have they found so far?

In any case, this information is unknown to ordinary citizens of the planet. They will lie to us to the last and release idiotic videos for idiots to the masses. I honestly think that the "flat earth" videos are custom-made to confuse and dull people. Flat earth. Is the earth flat or round? Depends on the shape of the head, I answer. Don't be the Simpsons people, use your thinking to separate the wheat from the chaff.

But the fact is a fact, all work in Antarctica is classified, and access to mere mortals is prohibited. That is, you bought a plane and hired a crew and decided to fly to Antarctica on an expedition. And do you think that in a few hours people with machine guns won’t fly to you in a helicopter, say that this is private territory and ask you to leave? Not sure, just like that, just thoughts. I have often been in situations where I was asked to leave. From the top of the Cheops pyramid, from the Shodong cave, some temples in Indonesia, even if I was just wandering along the beach in Thailand or the Philippines, I was still asked to leave private territory. Everywhere there are people in caps and with machine guns, and everywhere there are “private properties.” The ants have divided the planet and think of themselves as masters. We are not far away from animals, but even from insects.

I really want to explore Antarctica, of course. With a team, with solar panels, heating elements, a satellite dish and a live broadcast on Instagram. I’m sure there will be dinosaurs and people, cynocephali, and centaurs, and trees, and many wonders like Baalbek, and all of them will be gigantic in size. Yes, it should be noted that most likely the most frozen bodies will be along the edges of the continent (because they tried to get away from the cold) and on the “hills”. By the way, Antarctica is full of hills and this suggests that these are not just mountains and hills, but there may well be trees and buildings covered with ice. The cold also took them all by surprise and turned them into the largest refrigerator in the history of mankind!


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