Errors in the interpretation of the 19th century floods

August 22, 2023
Some researchers have studied the floods in 1824, as well as even earlier floods, and have come to various false conclusions.
Some argue that our planet was attacked by nuclear missiles, others that these are the consequences of meteorites, comets and, at worst, asteroids. It was extremely amusing for me to listen and read their hypotheses. After all, all real scientists know that small space objects will burn up in the atmosphere or, even if they can break through to the surface of the planet, they will not be able to seriously affect it. After all, our planet is a ball of hot liquid magma, and the mantle layer and the soil layer are like foam on hot milk. To understand how this works, drop a small stone on a layer of froth over milk and see for yourself what happens. Nothing serious will happen, actually. But what if the object is at high speed, some will ask? The probability of a collision of an object rushing at high speed to us from the outside, despite the fact that our planet is always in motion and we have a shield in the form of the same Jupiter, is extremely small. It's not even 1 in a billion. The chance is even lower.
Bombing the planet with nuclear missiles is even more ridiculous. In 1824. Rockets. At that time, guns and muskets were used. And who needed to bombard a planet armed with guns and muskets?
But people keep writing about it and offering these theories without even trying to think logically.
I suggest you think logically. In my article about earthquakes, I already wrote about their real cause. It's... the Moon. Of course, many will be outraged and say that earthquakes are a direct consequence of volcanic activity. And, they will be wrong. Volcanoes are magma that comes to the surface under the influence of force. We are reasonable people and we understand that just like that, a hole will not appear in the mantle and magma will not flow from there. There are laws of physics that say that a liquid presses on anything under pressure. That is, first this same pressure appears, then a volcano appears, and then an earthquake. It is also worth noting that most earthquakes occur in general in places where there are no volcanoes. California, for example. Or the recent earthquake in Turkey. Thus, we come to another basic cause of earthquakes. This is plate movement. And many scientists have been writing about this for a long time, explaining, in particular, the same earthquake in California.
My discovery is that I found the real cause of floods and earthquakes. The reason for the movement of tectonic plates and the movement of the waters of the World Ocean is the Moon.
If we analyze in detail, we can see that during the days of many earthquakes, the Moon came up to a fairly close distance to the Earth (perigee). We all know that the moon influences the ebb and flow of the tides. And these ebb and flow occur at a certain nominal distance of the Moon from the Earth. But what if the moon gets closer? Could this affect the waters of the oceans and cause tides on a larger scale? The answer, of course, is yes. As well as can affect the same tectonic plates, causing an earthquake.
If we analyze the flood of 1824, we will discover that it was everywhere. In England, USA, Italy, Spain, France, Russia and further down the list. What does this say to a reasonable person? The fact that the influence on the planet, on the waters of the World Ocean was from all sides. And what kind of cosmic body affects the Earth 24 hours a day and causes ebb and flow? This is the Moon.
In other words, the floods in 1824 and earlier were not the same World Floods, of which pseudo-researchers are trying to inflate the sensation and descrease the duration of human history to 200 years at all, but these floods were still planetary in scale and occurred all over the planet.
I believe that in the future, floods and earthquakes will be repeated. We must be ready for this.

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