How deserts are formed?

October 13, 2023

Before I made my discoveries, I, like everyone else, been in school and every day I was taught lies . And geography teacher told me about deserts, told me about Sahara Desert was formed as a result of wind and water erosion, namely the uneven distribution of humidity and heat. When I asked the question, why don’t deserts form in countries at the same latitude where Egypt is located? In India and China, for example? And what about equatorial countries, where are the highest temperatures? There are no deserts in Indonesia, only jungles. The teacher did not find what to answer, but then she began to talk about the unfair unevenness and in some places there is more wind, in others it’s the other way around. I realized even then that she did not know the reason for the formation of deserts. After 20 years  I found the answer to this question. And it was simple, really simple.

I just started looking for newly formed deserts in our time. For example, Aral Sea became Aralkum desert. Thinking logically, if we had a sea of salt water, then when that sea dries out, it forms soil on which nothing can grow. If the Aral Sea dried up and a desert formed in its place, then why couldn’t the same thing happen to Sahara and other deserts? Karakum, Gobi, Chihuahua? We are talking specifically about deserts isolated from waterways with the World Ocean. It is also worth noting that most deserts are not located in equatorial zones. 

Aralkum Desert

It turned out to be a very interesting picture. If instead of deserts we imagine seas all over the planet, including the center of Australia, we will get a huge number of seas. Once upon a time we had a lot of seas. And precisely the seas, not fresh lakes. Lakes that dry up first turn into swamps and then into forests. However, it should be noted that there have been quite a lot of swamps over the last 2000 years.  

Now, dear reader, you know that deserts were formed as a result of the drying up of the seas. The answer has been found. This material can already be included in real geography school books. Well, let’s go even further and start thinking about the topic, where did so many seas on our planet come from? Can we even try to calculate the time of appearance of these seas by interpolating the drying up of the same Aral Sea? Yes, we can, I answer. But this is already the work of the “technical” people. scientists who receive a salary for their so-called work. Well, I already know the answer to this question and wrote everything in my book “C.O.N.N.E.C.T.I.N.G  P.O.I.N.T.S”. The seas, all these seas that have now dried up and become deserts, appeared as a result of the Great Flood. These are the remains of the waters of the World Ocean. And they, these waters, dried up for thousands of years. 


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