Centaurs, mermaids, cynocephals - really existed?

February 22, 2023
We got a strange planet. As a child, I read Greek myths and it seemed that at that time centaurs lived next to people, cynocephals had their own kingdoms, and mermaids, they are sirens, lured Odysseus and his companions into their networks. Theseus fought Minotaur, half bull, half man. Birds with human heads hunted Hercules, dragons lived on territory of present-day Russia, there were so many sphinxes that a valley of sphinxes was built in memory of them.
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Max 16:51 February 28, 2023
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And there was Medusa Gorgon with the face of a woman and snakes instead of hair

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Ozzy → Max 07:28 September 10, 2023
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Was it a hybrid?

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Sergey → Max 17:09 February 28, 2023
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I did not master Medusa Gorgon. Too many things. Hair from snakes, turns to stone. Perhaps this is not a hybrid, but some kind of device. Perseus arrives in anti-gravity boots, takes some kind of irradiating device, puts it in a special case. I believe that the shield reflected radiation and Perseus took cover behind it. After completing the "work", Perseus gives the device to the "goddess" Athena.

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Max → Max 16:52 February 28, 2023
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Or was it a snake with a woman's head?

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