What happend with main land?

February 22, 2023

Even the ancient Greeks claimed that there used to be one land, one continent. They called him  Pangea [Πανγαῖα] or all-earth. Modern scientists laugh at this assumption. It speaks volumes about their qualifications. I received my second higher education at a geodetic university and learned to understand this "geo" quite well. question. If you look at Google maps, you can see underwater seams. In my book, I analyze them in detail and show that these seams, these faults are the lines of discontinuity between the continents, which, due to the catastrophe, have diverged in different directions. 

This underwater ridge is too obvious. It was formed as a result of the rupture of the first continent, the released magma came out and joined with water, solidifying and forming a ridge. In other words, the Atlantic Ocean was formed as a result of a catastrophe. In place of Asia, between New Zealand and before Vietnam, there was land, part of Pangea. This is evidenced by the fact that, in addition to Australia, kangaroos exist in New Zealand (wild Wallabies) and Papua New Guinea. 

To understand the boundaries of Pangea, you can refer to the map of underwater faults. I worked on the map, interpolated the continents into one whole and I got such a map.

This is a fairly simple large single continent that existed for thousands of years until a catastrophe happened and this continent was torn into smaller continents.

The catastrophe and the whole process, step by step, I describe in detail in my book "C.o.n.n.e.c.t.i.n.g p.o.i.n.t.s"


Max 09:06 February 26, 2023
Great work

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Sergey → Max 06:10 March 03, 2023
Thanks for the kind words!

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Liana 04:15 February 27, 2023
I read the book, everything is written in detail and step by step with real evidence, it's really impressive. Putting together this challenging puzzle is a lot of work, but you did it! This book changed my worldview, now the world will never be the same for me. Thanks to the author for the work)

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Sergey → Liana 06:09 March 03, 2023
Thanks for the kind words!

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