Giants: Truth Revealed

January 25, 2023

I continue to blog in support of my book and this time it will be about giants. Of course you know about giants. Below is a short list of references to giants in history:

  • Polyphemus from the Odyssey
  • David and Goliath
  • Nephilim from the Bible
  • Thor and Hrungnir
  • Hercules and Atlas
  • Hercules and Antaeus
  • Kumbakarna from the Ramayana

This is just a short list, in Greek myths there are descriptions of dozens of giants. In addition to information about the giants, there are also frescoes, paintings, rock paintings and a large number of skeletons. It should be noted that the skeletons were destroyed first by religious fanatics, and then by scientific fanatics. The skeletons of the giants got up across the throats of both, because they did not fit into the picture of the creation of the world either according to religion or according to Darwin's theory. But they are, it is a fact from which you can not get away. I will not delve into the list of evidence, there are quite a lot of them on the Web. 

Now there is a wave of people who ask uncomfortable questions to historians and want to find the truth and show it to the public. People wake up, ask questions, who are the giants? This is a different race, this is an anomaly, a mutation, what is it? And we all have the right to know and know not through bone religion or "classical science" which says that humans are descended from apes. We will use science, logic and also deduction. It is on these pillars that critical healthy thinking is based. So let's get started.

Different growth of giants

If you look at all sources of information, at Egyptian images, at skeletons, at descriptions of giants, then we get the impression that the giants are all of different heights. Polyphemus was more than 6 meters, Egyptian painters draw giants about 5-6 meters, the skeleton found in Thailand is about 5 meters, and Atlant generally held the firmament of heaven (of course, this is an ephemism). By the way, Hercules himself was quite tall, more than 2 meters tall. This allowed him to fight with Antaeus, who was probably a couple of meters taller than Hercules, otherwise it is difficult to imagine their struggle at all, which is colorfully described in Greek myths. And since Thor is fighting Hrungnir, then there was an approximate difference in height of 1-2 meters.

It turns out that the growth of giants in Egypt, Greece and Scandinavia was approximately the same in the range of time from the beginning of the emergence of the Egyptian kingdom (> 3000 BC) to the Greek heyday (500 BC). I dare to suggest that the times of Thor were also in this gap. And this is very important information. This means that since the growth of the giants did not change, but there were already people who were less tall, that is, more giants were not born and they simply lived out their time. And apparently, the giants lived a long time. In general, if you look at the lifetime of the biblical patriarchs, you can see the gradient of life span from 1000 years for Adam to 100-300 years after 5-6 generations. And if there was a life span gradient, then there was a growth gradient as well. That is, people gradually became smaller. 

Until now, tall people up to 3 meters are born. I guess it's because of the "genetics of giants", some residual inertia. But due to certain conditions, these people cannot live long. What are these conditions? Here we can make an analogy with trees. Apparently, before, <3000 years ago, huge trees grew, over 100 meters. Why did the trees grow so big? Because of nitrogen. Nitrogen is a powerful catalyst for the growth of any plant. Ask any gardener and he will tell you about nitrogen fertilizers. So, at the time when the trees were big, there was much more nitrogen in the atmosphere. And I mean the density of the atmosphere. After all, if the trees were large, it means that they gave more oxygen, which means that there was more nitrogen and oxygen several times more than now. My theory is that the increased density of the atmosphere provided the conditions for the growth of people. That is, giants are not a race. This is us. These are people at a time when the density of the atmosphere was several times greater than in our time.  

Where are all the other giants?

Where are all the other giants, the critical reader will ask? Present tons of skeletons! 
I believe that the skeletons of giants, or rather, us humans, are in huge numbers underground. After the global planetary catastrophe, which I describe in my book "C.o.n.n.e.c.t.i.n.g  p.o.i.n.t.s", and its consequences in the form of a "global flood", people were under a large layer of silt. Perhaps there are millions of them, it is only necessary to start a global excavation.




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