Earthquakes and Moon: an Obvious Connection

February 22, 2023

If you type "cause of earthquakes" in search engine, then it will give out several options, these are volcanoes, and faults, and human activity. Mankind has learned how to make rockets, super-powerful computers, but issue of earthquakes has somehow remained unresolved. As for me, I believe that so many scientists should simply be fired for ridiculous and seemingly smart opinions. 

Look closely at this image. This is a map of earthquakes on our planet.

In this image, you can see that earthquakes do not occur at poles and that they are most close to equator. You can also see that earthquakes are not located in a straight line. If we take orbit of Moon 5-6 degrees from equator, then it will ideally coincide with ring of earthquakes around our planet. This is clearly visible in image.

We know that Moon is cause of ebb and flow. Being at a distance of 350.000 - 370.000 km, Moon influences our planet with its field. At the moments of maximum approach to Earth, for example, 358,000 km (perigee), Moon is able to influence lithospheric plates. It pulls, drags them along, so lithospheric plates move and cause earthquakes. At the moment, we can safely say that earthquakes will continue in such parts of planet as Asia, countries of Southern Europe, South America and south of North America and these parts of planet will be under threat. Given the fairly frequent perigee, earthquakes will also be frequent. Unfortunately.

In my book, I describe the catastrophe that caused global flood and split of common continent into continents that now exist, dwelling in detail on all stages and details of process. And I write about earthquakes because they fully confirm my theory of that catastrophe. And if Moon is cause of earthquakes, then what did she do when she first appeared in orbit of our planet?



Max 02:32 March 03, 2023
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What about earthquakes in Alaska?

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Sergey → Max 02:46 March 03, 2023
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They are not that strong. If you look at earthquakes from the strongest to the weakest, you get a clear gradient from the equator to the poles.

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