Centaurs, mermaids, cynocephals - really existed?

February 22, 2023

We got a strange planet. As a child, I read Greek myths and it seemed that at that time centaurs lived next to people, cynocephals had their own kingdoms, and mermaids, they are sirens, lured Odysseus and his companions into their networks. Theseus fought Minotaur, half bull, half man. Birds with human heads hunted Hercules, dragons lived on territory of present-day Russia, there were so many sphinxes that a valley of sphinxes was built in memory of them.

Eric von Denneken put it aptly, something like, if sphinxes did not exist, why create 1500 sphinxes in Egypt and place them in the valley?

In our time, it is difficult to imagine this mythical world without significant evidence. This was taken care of by ministers of church, who tried to destroy "heresy". Therefore, all found skeletons that did not look like human ones were destroyed. Now in museums there are fakes created artificially. In general, it is difficult for skeletons to survive after thousands of years. But I am sure that in the future skeletons of hybrids will be found in Antarctica or other ice. Under the silt in the oceans. B  result of persistent excavations. And now I propose to analyze the available information. In ancient Greece and ancient Egypt, in ancient India, in tales of Europeans, in myths of Indians and Asians, we meet centaurs, cynocephals, siren-mermaids, one-eyed people, people with bird heads, sphinxes. And all this is so much and occurs at the same time that it is difficult to imagine that all this did not exist. 

If you read the diary of Christopher Columbus, you will see in his entry on November 4, Sunday, very interesting information that the Indians told Columbus that people with dog heads and ... one-eyed people live in the southeast..

For a smart person, this is 2 proofs at once:

!. Cynokefalov could not be invented simultaneously on two continents (!). This is nonsense. That is, cynocephals existed and, at the same time, this is proof that America and Eurasia were a single continent.
2. One-eyed people refer us to one-eyed giant Polyphemus (Odyssey, Homer). Since the Indians do not say that these one-eyed people are giants, it means that they are descendants of one-eyed giants, but already with normal growth. Well, since one-eyed people in America and the one-eyed giant Polyphemus in Greece, then same conclusion about a single continent.

Thinking logically, we come to fact that previously there was a single continent with "wonderful animal people"; or, as I call it, the Zoo. 

Let's face the truth - more than 2500 years ago, millions of people, hybrids and dinosaurs lived on the planet at the same time, side by side! And, judging by the diversity, the source was clearly of artificial origin (except for dinosaurs). Some Creators flew to our planet and set up a Zoo, a large-scale experiment to create different hybrids. I write about this in my book "C.o.n.n.e.c.t.i.n.g p.o.i.n.t.s".



Max 16:51 February 28, 2023
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And there was Medusa Gorgon with the face of a woman and snakes instead of hair

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Max → Max 16:52 February 28, 2023
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Or was it a snake with a woman's head?

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Sergey → Max 17:09 February 28, 2023
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I did not master Medusa Gorgon. Too many things. Hair from snakes, turns to stone. Perhaps this is not a hybrid, but some kind of device. Perseus arrives in anti-gravity boots, takes some kind of irradiating device, puts it in a special case. I believe that the shield reflected radiation and Perseus took cover behind it. After completing the "work", Perseus gives the device to the "goddess" Athena.

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